Making Our 2019 Regatta a “Green’ Event


Living in a territory of islands surrounded by some of the most beautiful waters in the world makes us cognizant of the fragile balance between humans and nature. Bequia Sailing Club Inc., the Organizing Authority for the Regatta, is committed to promoting practices within the sport of sailing, which are environmentally sustainable and so far as practicable, accord with best international practice. 


At Race HQ we are moving to a paperless system so far as possible, making maximum use of electronic media and Internet.  There will inevitably be areas where we must use paper such as posting race results but we aim to keep paper usage to a minimum.


Rum tasting glasses at each evening’s party are made from polycarbonate and are reusable. Glasses for every race participant will be included in each skippers goody bag. Further glasses will be available at the Sparrows rum bar. Please keep these glasses with you when you have finished tasting and bring them along to re-use the following day. If for whatever reason you are unable to reuse, please dispose of them in the special “Rum Tasting Glasses” recycle bin and we will wash and clean them for re-use. 


Bottled water supplied to each race participant in the goody bags, courtesy of ‘Mountain Top’, is supplied in fully recyclable PET bottles. Please dispose of these in the bins marked “Plastic” or “Recycle” as we can arrange for these to be recycled into other products.


Please dispose of non-food-contaminated paper in the Recycle bins.

Bequia now recycles – thanks to Action Bequia!


Bequia Sailing Club has partnered with this well-established locally-focussed charity to make the 2019 Regatta ‘green’. Action Bequia have run an island-wide recycle program since 2016 which includes collection, sorting and shipping of paper, glass and plastic to a processor on St Vincent for recycle into new products.

They have generously agreed to support the Regatta as a Silver sponsor.

This includes supplying the re-usable rum tasting glasses, recycle bins, trash collection, etc.

The Club are particularly grateful for Action Bequia’s support and experience

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